Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Countdown to WCMD...Card displays and a giveaway!

World Card Making Day is about making and exchanging handmade cards, but what happens after that? What do you do with the cards you receive?

As a packrat, I have a hard time throwing anything away. ANYTHING! Naturally this includes cards people send me. What do you do with the cards you receive? I’m currently a cardboard box gal, which I’ll admit is a bleak fate for these beauties. So, I’ve compiled a few creative card display ideas that I hope you’ll find inspiring.
Look out Polly, this bird cage is for cards!
Image by: Cadoodler4sure
Go green. Recycle those berry baskets and use 'em to hold greetings.
Image by: Bernee lee
What do you call two men with no arms and no legs hanging in the window? Curt and Rod...or, in this case, they're hanging on the wall, and they go by Card and Wire. Yeah, I know how lame that sounds. (No legs! Lame! Get it? Hahahahaha) Anyway, this person strung pieces of ribbon from a curtain wire and attached her cards to them. Cool!
Image by: Betsey Adieu
This gives new meaning to a "card catalog."
Image by: Bitsandbobbins
Are those iPods on a wire? Cards and iPods? Love it!
Image by: Moo Swaps
Wire we throwing cards away when we can oraganize them in such farm-fresh way?
Image by: bookbird1
Grab a few basic card-making supplies - wire and ribbon - and create a greeting garland.
Image by: Felt Mouse

Now, how ‘bout we get to the goods? Today’s WCMD prize is a yummy card kit from Chatterbox and a set of darling rubber stamps from Unity Stamp Company. You want? Just leave a note on this entry about how you store your cards. Don’t keep your cards? No worries. You can tell me how you display your holiday cards before they hit the round file. Sound good?

From comments I receive between now and Friday, October 3, I’ll randomly select a winner to receive this awesome card kit (includes cards, stickers and envelopes) and these super cool stamps. Go!

What better way to kick off the holiday card-making season than with a sassy card-making kit? And I'll throw in some super cute rubber stamps to top it off!


Kristie said...

For cards that I've just received I put them up on display on my window sills and on top of the bookshelves....then as I get new ones I lovingly store the older ones in a nice file box that I've decorated....some of my favourites never make it to the box though :)

linda patti said...

i store my cards in baskets, and i have a bulletin board to display hand made cards i receive from friends. great inspiration

syeda said...

I never throw away cards that I received. Now, you can only imagine the collection of cards that I must have. I dispaly my recent cards on the fire place mantel or by sticking them to the mantel and leave them hanging. And ofcourse on the fridge too. I feels good to look at those cards and realize that they are people out there that really care about you. Now, I stole my old cards in a photo box. I also planning on creating a file like a scrapbook but this is only going to be for cards. I really love the giveaways that you are having each day. Thanks for givng a chance to win awesome stuff.

kiki comin said...

i keep them if they are from close friends/hubby, and display them in my crafty room..the other ones..if there are ideas that i love i keep them in a folder or sometimes i will cut the note in half, and glue it on another card to put in my emergency stash..kind of lame, but a great way to recycle!

Wackie said...

I have a 4 drawer wicker cabinet thingie that I picked up at the Goodwill Store. It holds alot of cards, either standing or laying flat if they are larger cards. Jackie

Robert said...

This has been the most enthralling series of posts that I have ever read. Please tell me more!


Love ya, Babe!

ayah said...

I keep all my cards, never throw them away. I store mine in baskets and as the older ones become older, I pack them away in store bought boxes. I usually leave the latest cards near my computer, so I can see the beauty of all my online friends who send me cards.

ronee said...

I have tins sorted by subject...i.e. birthday..thank you..whatever...but the ones that i love love love..I display them with tape or poster sticky in front of me so i can see them from my desk! love yah girlie!

fong33 said...

I have a decorative wire card holder that holds our holiday cards through New Year, then they eventually get filed in a box for safekeeping.

Kacey said...

I am trying to be a bit more picky about my card keeping Skills, It can clutter ones life, However i do have a nice plastic Container of the rec'd ones, i may need to upgrade to a larger model. (planning on doing something with them one day, one day hasn't come yet,i will let you know when that day comes) and a cutie file type from micheals/dollars store for the already made ready "to give away" cards.
Just discovered your blog, LOVE IT! Took a CKC class from you in buffalo, We were the crazy canadians in the group.
good luck with the reorganising of your space.
Kacey from Canada

Latisha said...

I have these tin cd looking long containers that I get from IKEA. I have different containers for different purposes, one for cards that I submitted for publishing, one for cards just to have on hand, one for cards that I made and just can't part with yet & then I have a container full of cards that were sent to me. Then of course if its a card I just got, its out on my counter for me to look at :)

tape said...

First I keep the cards I receive on our coffee table for probably about a month, then they get moved to my plastic storage box, aka treasure box. :)

mom2dax said...

I try to recycle my cards by cutting off the fronts and reusing them. My church delivers soup to "shut-ins". We glue the card fronts to the delivery bags. They make the drab brown bags look pretty!

Anonymous said...

I display them on my metal card holder that I bought at an Iron Rod decor place I love it! :)

kamewh said...

I desplay the cards on my kitchen island for a couple of weeks and then get rid of them. Thank you for the giveaway!

barb (in edmonton) said...

I started off saving my cards in a cardboard box which happened to be the exact perfect size. Now that it's full, I've started using tins and whatever else is handy. I sell some cards at work and have them in a basket on my desk.

Parker and Emma's Mom said...

Still working on Right now in clear shoeboxes, but wants I have more space, hoping ot be able to display a few of my faves.

Joyce Pritts said...

I have plastic containers of cards, cards and more cards. Sometimes I go through them and they bring back memories of what was going on during that year.

Cassie said...

Thanks for the opportunity to win some Unity Stamps. I've always wanted to try them.

Funny you should ask about the cards. I've had issues with what to do with all the Christmas cards that get sent each year. I'm very sentimental and could never bring myself to throw them out. I recently found two bags of cards from 2002 and 2003. So I got my square punch and punch a square of most of them. I cut faces, handwriting, interesting parts of the cards...all different things and collaged them onto a 12x12 page. My punch is 1 3/4" square so I was able to get 36 for each year. Then I threw out the rest. I have two layouts done and two fewer bags of clutter in the house!

Rachel said...

Cards that I’ve created are stored in a photo box. The ones I’ve received from friends and family go on my desk so I can see them every day. After a month or so I move them to a photo box.