Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Countdown to WCMD...a challenge and a giveaway!

Why limit your card-making supplies to items you can find on the scrapbook aisle? It’s much more fun to mix creative mediums.

On this birthday card, I hand-stitched brown flannel fabric onto my cardstock base to create my cupcake top. But before I finished stitching, I stuffed the cake with fabric scraps to give it a bit more dimension. To add to the sweet look, I cut a real cupcake cup (Martha Stewart Crafts) in half and stitched it to the card. I first tried adhering it with glue, but its no-stick surface wouldn’t cooperate, so needle-and-thread it was.

Here’s a little card challenge for you: Create a card using something other than the scrapbook basics. Maybe that’s making a cupcake card of your own, using beads as sprinkles. Perhaps you forget the chipboard letters and spell out a sentiment with yarn instead. Or, one of my personal favorites, use fabric in place of patterned paper. If you decide to take me up on this challenge, please let me know where your project is posted so that I can check it out.

OK, on to what we’ve all been waiting for, today’s World Card Making Day giveaway...

Leave a comment on this post, stating one of your creative outlets. You don’t have to be a card maker to be creative. Maybe you can play a phat guitar lick. Maybe you express yourself through watercolor. Maybe baking is your expression of choice. Whatever it is, I’d love to hear about it.

From comments I receive by this Friday, October 3, I’ll randomly select a winner to receive a box full of craft-store goodies. I’ll throw in some fun fabric pieces, a few sparkly beads, even some yarn – tasty things to consider using on your next creation. Yum!

Funny story about where the inspiration to create my card came from. I baked these cupcakes. OK, that's not so "funny" unless you know me well enough to know that I don't really get along well with kitchens. Baking and cooking are not exactly strengths of mine. These small cakes in cups look easy enough, but they actually took me hours to complete. Why? Because I didn't want to drip any frosting. Transporting frosting from a bowl to a cake top without drips is a looong, slloooow, ridiculous process that I wouldn't recommend. Good thing the end result was a sweet one. :)


emily call said...

Cute cupcakes, Megan! Hmmmm... creative outlets, I have way too many. Right now I am enjoying making tiaras out of metallic pipe cleaner.

I hope you can make it to the boutique on Friday. We'd love to see you.

syeda said...

Really cute cupcakes. I also like using unusal things (other than the usual things often used) for making cards. I recently used glitter eye pencils and dryer sheet to spice up a card that I made for my friend. Thanks for the cool giveaway.

Parker and Emma's Mom said...

Cute cupcakes!

I like to sit down and play the piano to relieve stress.

ronee said...

megan..i love the cupcake.. i have been mixing it up a lot lately..well i guess not too much since i just moved and my craft room still is a mess. anyway..when stress kicks it it is girl time or sports that i turn to! luckily i have great children and they love sports so it is out in the backyard for whatever we can find to play with! love you blog girlie!

asha said...


I've really been getting into photography recently. I love being creative with the way I take photos of my sweet 8 month old daughter.

ashacpatel said...


I've really been getting into photography recently. I love being creative with the way I take photos of my sweet 8 month old daughter.

fong33 said...

Yum, the cupcakes look delish! My most recent creative outlet has been digital scrapbooking. No mess or clean up!

Love your blog!

tape said...

One of my creative outlets is photography. Lovely photo of your cupcakes, btw!

jen k said...

I have many creative outlets but one that sticks out is just chilling and reading a magazine. I also love to just get out of the house and browse the scrapbook store for inspiration. Thanks for the chance!

barb (in edmonton) said...

Card making and gardening are my two main creative outlets. I also love baking and occasionally do some knitting. If I could get disciplined I'd also do some writing. Maybe tomorrow(?)