Sunday, October 12, 2008

Want a Free Print?

Funny story. I went to the Arts Festival this summer, and I fell in love with a particular designer who was showing. She takes cool photos of vintage signs and cool buildings and turns them into stunning prints. As a lover of old buildings and signs, I was instantly hooked. Here’s where it gets funny – funny strange, not funny ha-ha.

A few months later I went to my pal Stace’s birthday party, where I sat next to a hip chick named Stephanie. I knew right away that I liked her. When we started talking, she happened to mention participating in the Arts Festival. Sure enough, this was the same sassy lady I was drawn to at the show. What are the odds? But wait, it gets cooler.

After gushing to her about how I’m her #1 fan, she told me that she accepts others’ photos for consideration, and if she chooses to work with your image, she’ll give you a free print. FREE!

I had just taken a pic of an old motel sign. Fate? I think so. Not only did I happen upon this cool woman, but I had just taken a pic of a fun vintage sign, too. YES!

So, long story short, I sent her my print and she ended up adding it to her line, which meant a free print for me. Do you like? I LOVE!

I got this for my parents, who will be celebrating their anniversary this month. You see, this is the very motel in Gunnison, CO where they lived after they were married. Cute, huh? We drove by it this summer, they told me the story, and I snapped the photograph – the same photograph that’s now part of a super-terrific line of artwork. Thanks, Stephanie!
This print is 1/100. How cool is that?

Want to see more from this fantastic artist or possibly submit images of your own for consideration? Check out her site:



rae said...

how cool is that?! FUN!!

laura said...

very fun!! i do love the pic, and the name of her site! oh, and i saw your pic in simple in that layout of cute!!

ronee said...

totally fate ridden!
love you girlie!

Layle Koncar said...

How fun Megan!!

Angie said...

I LOVE this MEgan! What a cool story, and I totally love cool signs like that.