Thursday, October 9, 2008

To Have and to Hold

Three years ago today, Cory became the Mr. to my Mrs. We said our I-dos at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Talk about a good time. About 80 of our closest friends and family joined us for the festivities, and to make the celebration even more fun, we had a double-wedding weekend. You see, my cousin also got married in Vegas that weekend, and she’s a double cousin (our moms are sisters and our dads are brothers), so it was like a big wedding/family reunion weekend. Happy Anniversary to you, Cynthia and Rob!

If the line is too long at the drive-through chapel in Vegas and you're looking for a place to wed, I would highly recommend the Bellagio. Yes, they have those fancy fountains, but they also put your wedding info on the signs in the resort AND on all of the TVs in the guest rooms. Isn't that cool? I thought so.

Lucky for me, I worked at Stampin’ Up! when I was planning my wedding, which meant I was surrounded by incredibly talented people who offered to help me with some paper-crafted wedding touches.
Holly Jones was one of the sweet friends who came to my rescue. She has more talent in her little toe than ten Marthas. She made my bridesmaid invitations…

This skirt of this dress is made with fabric (in a window), and she designed the dress to resemble my actual bridesmaid dresses.
See how the dress on the card matches the real dresses? That Holly. She's so cute!

She also put together our wedding favors – these happy bottle cap magnets…
She put two of these in a little acrylic box and tied it with a bow. Each guest received a set.

AND she designed our wedding logo, the “I Do” in the dice (in the magnet above). Yes, our wedding had a logo.

Another great friend, Renae Curtz, designed the cover of our wedding program.
The word "love" is stamped in red beneath the photo window. Our wedding colors were red, cream, and black. So this was perfect!
And that sassy Holly designed the inside. There's our lucky logo again. :)

As lovely as these handmade touches were, nothing compared to how amazing my handsome groom looked when I made my way down the aisle. The love in his eyes is something I’ll never forget, and doesn’t he look cute in his tux?

I’ve always been a big fan of weddings – I bought wedding magazines long before I was engaged and continue to buy them today – and our special day didn’t disappoint. More important than the day, however, is the life it left me with. I LOVE being the Mrs. to Cory’s Mr. He’s the best husband a gal could ask for. Happy anniversary, sweetheart!

Thank goodness for friends. Not only did my pals help me out with the wedding accessories, but my uber talented friend Janel took all of our wedding photos. Man, I have some awesome amigas! Thanks, ladies!


ronee said...

I love crafty friends in times of need! Happy Anniversary Mdog!

emily call said...

Happy Anniversary! I am so lucky to have the super talented Holly Jones as my sister!!! I never saw the magnets that she made for your favors. They are so cute.

Alice said...

Happy Anniversary! LOVE all your wedding paper crafted goodies and you are a beautiful couple!

Brandy and Dave said...

Happy, happy anniversary! Isn't it amazing how time flies? You two make one very handsome couple.

Holly said...

You're so nice, I wish I even compared to Martha's little toe ha ha. I was flattered that you wanted my help. Your wedding pictures are super cute! Happy Anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated anniversary, Megan!:) ---teri