Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sweet Surrender (for the last time, promise)

Hey, U-tah! (Said in my best Goonies voice.) You have one more day (Sat.) to enjoy all that the Oh, Sweet Sadie craft boutique has to offer. My niece Jenifer and I went today. With new goods to offer this weekend, I had to make a few more purchases. You wanna see what ended up in my shopping bag? A’ight. Let’s take a look!

Mmmmm… gourmet cupcakes. Num!

I L-O-V-E this stamp set from My Cute Stamps. The smiling doughnut is the stuff that dreams are made of. ;)

Do you remember the Nerds book from my last post? Well, I got a few more of those to add to the collection. This time, Jenifer and I each picked a book cover notebook. And guess what? The books still have their old library pockets on the front inside covers. Cool, eh?

My hair’s going to look a little better with this cute feathered friend perched atop my head, don’t you think?

And another fabric cuff bracelet ended up following me home. I just can’t seem to resist.

Lastly, my niece and I each grabbed a bunch of cool wall (and auto) vinyl decals from Vinyl Wall Art. These are just a few of the ones we purchased. Aren’t they awesome?!

I promise I’m not at all associated with this show, despite my obvious push. I just love it when creative people come together to share the things they’ve made with the world. And this is one happy gathering. If you have the chance to go, you won’t be sorry.

And to my out of state friends, I do apologize. I’m not trying to tease. Click on the links above to find a few of these goodies for yourself.

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Emily Call said...

How do I keep missing you? I went again this past weekend and I of course had to pick up another one of those awesome headbands too.