Thursday, April 30, 2009

Card Group Creations: March

The theme of March’s card group was hello cards. Take a look at what we came up with:

In addition to exchanging cards, we spent time gabbing, eating and, of course, creating. Here’s a picture of the frames we altered. It was as easy as painting wooden frames ($1 from Michaels) and covering them with patterned paper and a few embellishments. Wouldn’t this make a fun Mother’s Day gift? There’s still time to make one. If you end up making and posting one, please share the link here. I’d love to take a peek.


Jennifer said...

Cool frames!!! Can I come to "Card Group Creations" next time? hehe Too bad I live too far away :(
Love the new header on your blog by the way...very the owl!

Anonymous said...

Cute cards there, Megan! Your card group sounds fun. Not to mention, you gals are one cute bunch. ;) ---teri