Friday, November 1, 2013

Crafting with Jars & a Cosmo Cricket Giveaway!

Note: All images in this post edited using the following apps: Rhonna Designs and Pic Stitch

Just call me Lady JaJa. I've had so much fun exploring ideas for crafting using jars, and I'm sharing my ideas on Studio 5 today at 1:00 PM on KSL 5 (UT channel). I'll be sure to post a link when the segment is up online. In the meantime, here's a look at my jar stars.

***Update: You can watch part of the segment here. I was interrupted by some breaking news, but most of it is viewable, and the rest will be posted soon. Thanks. Hope you enjoy the show!***

Just a few of the jar gems I pulled together for my segment.


Crafting Supplies + Cosmo Show Toppers = Awesome Photo Gift
Have you seen these cutie products from Cosmo Cricket? They're called Show Toppers, and they make designing jars fun and easy.

Shortcut #1: Available in both white and green, you don't have to paint or cover.

Shortcut #2: Complete with hooks and tabs, adding embellishments is snap.

I added the word "Love" to a basic shipping tag. I declare my love a second time using the cute "love" Wood Charms pack, also from Cosmo. I attached it to the tab that comes on the Show Topper lid. These cute lids fit most jars, making it easy to select a base that fits your needs!

To complete my lovely statement, I added "you" in the form of a banner, which I attached to the AWESOME Cosmo Mini Mobile. Since the Show Toppers have eye hooks on the inside of the lid, it's easy to hang this cute mobile from my jar lid. Isn't that a cool concept! Imagine all you could make with this setup.

Jar Contents
I can't wait to give these cute jars to my loved ones as gifts, so I went with a photo of my Maggie Dawn. To make it stand, I placed a small floral frog in the jar, which holds the picture in place. I added some pretty gold ribbon from Cosmo to conceal the frog.

Jar Uses
Give these proud grandparents, aunts and uncles, and others who adore the one(s) photographed with in. Or treat yourself and display these sweeties in your house to enjoy on a daily basis.

Win some Show Toppers of your own!
Leave a comment between now and Tuesday, Nov. 11 for your chance to win.


Doily + Washi Tape = Customizable Jar Toppers
It doesn't get easier than this, friends. Simply screw a doily that is slightly larger than your jar's lid into the lid (just as you would fabric). Then, wrap a little washi around the rim for good measure. That's all there is to it. Now you have an open space on the doily to add a personalized note or instructions re: the jar's contents. Yes, this is pretty gift wrap that's affordable, fast, and fun--the best of all handmade things!

Jar Contents
I filled this jar with Ho-Ho-Ho Hot Chocolate Mix. I simply added a layer of hot chocolate mix, a layer of chocolate chips, a layer of marshmallows, and a layer of smashed peppermint.

Jar Uses
Warm the hearts of friends this holiday season by giving this simple treat. Give these quick, cute gifts to coworkers, your mailman, your dog walker...anyone who could use a sweet treat!


Coffee Filter + Stamp = Rustic Jar Topper
Why wait for the winter holidays when you can give fall hot chocolate now? To add to the fall feel, simply wrap a kraft-colored coffee filter around the lid of your jar. As an added decorative step, stamp on the filter first.

Don't have kraft filters? No problem. Simply apply a little spray ink to the bright white filter variety to tone it done and fall-ize it a bit. If you'd like to create a more decorative top, you can then stamp your filter, as I did using this Post Card stamp from Glitz Design.

Jar Contents
1. Layer of Pumpkin Spice hot chocolate
2. Layer of butterscotch chips
3. Layer of marshmallows (I went with the cute, fall variety)

Jar Uses
The holiday season gets so hectic. How about you give your neighbors fall gifts instead? It's one less thing to worry about next month, and it's never too early to enjoy some cocoa.


Cardstock + Embellishments = Furry Friend Jars
Channel your inner child and enjoy some arts and crafts. I created little critters, using the jars as the faces.

Jar Contents

* Small can of kitty food
* Treats
* Catnip

Doggie (variation):
* Treats
* Tennis ball

Give your furiends with pets a special surprise. Know somebody welcoming a fur-babe into their life? This is a happy and easy way to welcome the newest family member into the home.


Embroidery Floss + Felt = Personalized Present

Make any new mama happy with a personalized gift that can come off the jar and be placed in an album or baby book. Simply embroidery the new babe's beautiful name on a piece of felt and secure it to the lid of a jar. For added thematic feel, I used a recycled baby food jar. (I save EVERYTHING. It's a sickness, I tell ya!)

Jar Contents
One thing I didn't get enough of as a new mama was baby socks, and that's really something I needed. In fact, I had to run to the store a few times to stock up on socks. I think they're just an after thought oftentimes. Thus, I know mommies and poppies would love a little jar of little socks.

What about Mom? I LOVED my smartphone when Mags was young. I'd use it to play lullabies while rocking her, and I'd use my various apps as well (Mamma log, photo-editing apps, etc.). So, I think any mother would appreciate an iTunes gift card. Simply place it in a small bag and wrap the bag around the jar to complete your gift.

Jar Use
I suppose this one's obvious. It's meant for new parents. It would be a stunner gift idea to take to your next baby shower, and it really is an easy one to accomplish. Need embroidery tips? Check out my Pinterest boards. I've been pinning a great deal of embroider stuff lately. It's an art that has me very excited.


Loofa Sponge = Relaxation in a Jar Topper

Punch a hole in the lid of your jar and thread the handle of your loofa through. Tie the handle in a knot to secure it in place, and poof! You've got a top! I LOVE using these blue jars, available at Target, which add to the spa feel.

Jar Contents
Nail Polish Remover
Cotton Rounds
Lip Gloss (for good measure)

Jar Uses
Give this to your babysitter as an extra thank-you this holiday season. Or make your bestie smile with a jedi (No, that's not a spacey warrior; it's a jar pedi.) ;)


Loofa + Jar = Scrub-a-Dub Jar

Find a spong with a stretchy handle on it, and use the handle to hold the sponge on your jar. It looks fun and is super fast.

Jar Contents
I made a homemade lemon sugar scrub following this recipe. It's an awesome body scrub that your lucky recipient can use as an exfoliant. Want another scent besides lemon? Simply choose a different scented oil; you can find a variety of aromatic options to choose from.

Jar Uses
This is one of my favorite jar recipes to prepare and give. The scrub is so easy to do, and citrus has such a delightfully calming effect. I've given these to friends, coworkers, and family members. Offer it to anyone on your list.


Map Sticker + Tag = A Warm Welcome

Wrap a larger jar with map paper or a map sticker to create a location-oriented gift. Add a tag to finish of the look, personalizing the tag with the name of your town.

Jar Contents
Fill jar with area maps, to-go menus, neighborhood schedules, and more! Basically, a snapshot of the area. To fit more in a jar, roll the contents up and tape them in place using small strips of washi (which won't tear the items).

Jar Uses
Welcome neighbors to the 'hood with this around-town guide.


Map Garland + Tag = Car Jar
Wrap a map-themed garland (like this one from Studio Calico) around a jar and add a cute tag using supplies that support your travel theme. I cut paper from Glitz Design and adhered a wood car from BasicGrey.

Jar Contents
Items that will keep your passengers entertained on those longer trips. Ideas include:

* Coloring book and crayons
* Snacks
* MP3 Player with a great road trip playlist and earbuds
* Disposable or instamatic camera
* Binoculars
* Handheld games and toys
* A map of where you're going so passengers can follow along
* Notebook

Jar Uses
Give this to your passengers on your big adventures. Don't give it right away. Wait until the troops get restless and pull it out as a lifesaver. (Why I included lifesaver candies in the jar. Symbolic and delicious!) ;)

Instead of making a road trip Car Jar, consider a Car Jar for a new young driver. Fill it with emergency numbers (AAA, insurance, etc.), a flashlight, a small first aid kit, flares, etc. They can tuck the jar under their seat, in the trunk, or in another convenient area, and you can rest easy, knowing the jar is in the car.


Fabric + Twine = Elegant Jar Top

This is far from a new approach to dressing up canned goods. Sometimes all you need is a scrap of fabric and a little twine to make any jar look divine.

Jar Contents
I created a potpourri bundle using this recipe, which my sis-in-law Gina shared with me. (She's so creative!)

Jar Uses
Take this to your next shindig, give one to your child's Sunday school teacher, or offer up a little aromatic happiness to the milk man. Whatever floats your smell-good boat! These are affordable, easy and impressive!


Apple + Tag = Delicious Delight Jar

Be the jar star of any event with this quick gift. Simply drop an apply in a cellophane bag and wrap up the bag with a little, decorative tag. The apple is meant to be sliced and served with the dip. You can also use pears, vanilla wafers, graham crackers, and more!

Jar Contents
Thanks to my buddy, Brooke, I made a delicious dip for this jar. She got the recipe from a local cooking class and agreed to share it with us here. Thanks, Brooke! Trust me, you're going to want to make this one!

Jar Uses
Thanksgiving is the perfect time to pull out this secret weapon. Your party host will be thrilled to share your tasty talents with her guest.


As the, ahem... ringmaster of this jar-nival, I have a few more ideas to share using just the jar lids.

Jar Photo Wreath

Once again, washi is just the ticket for this creation. I lined jar lids with strips of washi to give them an instant makeover. I then used them as photo frames and glued the lids together using a hot glue gun to create my wreath. I can't wait to give this Family frame to my parents this Christmas. Shhhh... don't tell!

Jar Pumpkin
Cute pumpkin designed by Brooke Mathewson. Thanks for sharing, Brooke!
Have you seen these cute things? My sister-in-law, Gina, makes them quite a bit, and my friend Brooke also made her own version. I can't wait to do my own, but, for now, I'm sharing a picture of Brooke's. She painted the rings and then hot glued some book paper for added style. Isn't the outcome adorable?

Jar Jewels
For a quick bracelet, wrap fabric around a large jar ring. So cute, and so simple.

Ready to Win? 

Simply leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a complete set of jar delights from Cosmo Cricket, including their Show Toppers and the Mini Mobiles. Sounds like a good holiday crafting kit to me.



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I saw your segment on Studio 5 today and my mouth was ajar! I got so engrossed and excited at the possibilities, I forgot to breathe through my nose. I couldn't even choose a favorite! I will simply misquote a Christmas classic, and sing..."Have a Jar-Ry Jar-ry Christmas!" I know I'm gonna'.

restlessrisa said...

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