Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So many nursery options, so little time

Help. I’m in need of a little color coaching. I’m having the hardest time selecting a color combo for our nursery. There are so many pretty options. Here are a few that I’m considering:

Note: All color palette images courtesy of Design Seeds and Photo Card Boutique.
Turquoise, Gray & Yellow (with the possibility of a splash of Taupe) 
This has topped my list for a while, but I can’t help but wonder if I’d be missing out by not using any pink. I am, after all, very much a pink lady.

Here's a pretty example I found on Pinterest. Image courtesy of Oleana Boutique.

Pink & Gray
Another color combo I’m awfully fond of, but I do worry that it’s somewhat limiting. 

Here's a pretty example I found on Pinterest, courtesy of Spearmint Baby.

Pink, Gray, & Taupe
This one is slightly different than the one above. The pink has more red in it, and it has some taupe thrown in. 

This pretty example is more of a soft pink and taupe, but I like it. (Image courtesy of Benjamin Moore.)

Orange, Pinks, Yellow, & Gray
This one is kind of a combo of the above with a little orange thrown in. 

Here's a happy example of a similar color scheme, a la Project Nursery.

Orange, Tangerine, Taupe, & Pinks
This option seems warn and happy, but I think it could be hard to find elements in all of these colors. 

Orange, Pinks, Turquoise, & Taupe
This one is vibrant. Too vibrant? Perhaps. 

Turquoises, Brown, Pinks, & Yellow
A softer palette. Not sure if I love it, but there's something inviting about these colors. 

Cream, Pinks, & Brown
This one feels a bit overdone, but there is something soothing about this combo. 

Another beautiful Project Nursery example.

Do you see why I'm having such a difficult time? There are so many beautiful combos out there. Sheesh! Any thoughts on the subject? Here are a few facts to consider:

* The floor will be a dark-ish wood
* The furniture will be white (or antique white)
* The walls are currently taupe, but that can change. However, I'd rather not paint if it works out.
* We hope to add wainscoting to the walls

Bedding Question
Also, do you know where I can buy baby bedding in colors beyond pink/brown and pink/green?It seems like these are the only ones I see when I'm out and about. I was surprised there hasn't been more to choose from. Any shopping suggestions?

Any color coaching you can offer will be greatly appreciated. I can't guarantee I'll go with any of these, but this is a start, I suppose. Thanks, in advance, for your help.



Kristi Parker Van Doren said...

Well, you have a lot of GREAT ideas. I love the yellow/teal combo and the one with the orange/pink/yellow. Whatever you choose with be wonderful because you are making a special place for your special girl!

Chelle said...

I tend to pick anything with orange. For , you may need to make your own (at least for the blanket). Here Sears has a bigger selection.

Kelly said...

They are all gorgeous color combinations! I would definitely pick one with a neutral to put on the walls, and decorate with the pinks...That way it is easy to change later if you need a boy nursery :)I think my fav picture idea is the one with the chevron rug.

Ashley Horton said...

What a dilemma Megan!! Those are all beautiful choices!! I really do LOVE, LOVE the first one! We actually painted Madison's room the light teal/blue color and didn't miss out on the girly pink, because I brought it in, in small amounts. I used it for a couple of the wall hangings in her room and her lamp had a pink ribbon around it. So that might be a possibility. But the combo with the orange, pink, yellow, and gray is SO fabulous too!! I am always a sucker for using orange, pink, and yellow together, because those are my favorite colors!! Good luck with your choice! :)

Cari said...

Those are really beautiful choices. I would recommend to put a little bit of pink into the room. Wall stickers, a lamp, things like that. I would not paint the walls in pink, that is usually too much for my eyes. But that makes it easier to fit all the little pink clothes and the pink toys into the room. There is always too much colour in a children's room because of all the different toys, so there is no need to add another one by decorating like that.

Lacey Stephens said...

Oh my gosh, so many gorgeous choices!! I will be honest, you WILL miss out on the pink if you don't use it. My daughter is now 9 years old. But when I was pregnant with her I said "I do not want a pink room". We went with a "Classic Winnie the Pooh" design in light yellows and blue. After she was born, I remember looking at her room and saying "I wish I went with pink"! We moved when she was 15 months old so I was allowed to change up her room and went with a pinkish/peach with a floral/gingham/stripe quilted set (it was actually a shower curtain that I turned into a crib bumper set. So go with anything as long as there is a little pink! :-) You might be better starting by looking at bedding sets or fabric first - then you can choose the colors based on what fabrics catch you eye!

Shadnee said...

All the color combinations are gorgeous! No matter which one you choose, you can always have your bedding custom made in whatever colors/patterns/textures you like. :)

Keri said...

Hah, just came upon your blog via CK, after texting you! :) Looks like I was late to the party and you've already discovered Project Nursery, as well as lots of great & gorgeous options.
When I was shopping around for bedding, I found a couple of affordable options with more variety than the average:

Beyond Bedding:


SoHo Designs:

I ended up making my own nursery set though, complete with bumper, etc...which really isn't too difficult, plus you can use whatever fabric you choose. :)
It would be simple and relatively inexpensive to make something like this:

Here's a link to the all-pink one I made for Mariah:
So...if you can't find something that you love, let's make it! :) :)

Lorraine said...

first of all congratulations. I am doing your family scrapbooking course so wanted to know more about you as enjoying the workshop, I have got 3 sons and know that you should avoid anything with yellow or brown tones..you will be fed up of seeing yellowish tinges on your towel that you will continually wear on your shoulder for milk burps! As for the brown well should I say nappies!! Have a wonderful pregnancy and its such a special marvellous time when your expecting your first:)

natalie said...

Have you discovered The Land of Nod? It's a catalog company and I LOVE their stuff. Haven't looked at a catalog in a while, but would spend hours drooling over their precious bedrooms. They don't have the normal target, babysrus, run of the mill bedding options. No help here with nursery ideas. For some reason, we didn't go all out with our nurseries. :( Might regret it one day, but we did what we could afford.

Karen said...

I liked the cheerful, soft colors of the first one you showed. I agree with adding just touches of pink in her room because she will have lots of pink clothes and pink stuffed animals and dolls, etc., unless you just really love pink. Having said that, I would advise avoiding really bright colors like red, orange, and hot pink because the nursery, while it needs to feel happy, also needs to be calming and restful. You don't want her to be revved up at bedtime!By the way, my favorite color is RED, but not for a nursery. Best wishes. Enjoy the process of "choosing" your bedding and decor.

Just Us said...

etsy has a ton of great custom baby bedding sets. My mom is making mine...we decided on a theme instead of colors-we chose monsters and I am so excited. I found a scrapbook paper I loved and we're using that...maybe you could try that route :0). Goodluck-all the choices are lovely. I chose something baby could grow into until about 5 years of eage.