Thursday, December 20, 2012

A few fun gift ideas!

Still looking for a few gift ideas for the guys and gals in your life? Here are a few fun finds that have caught my eye lately. Hope some of them inspire you and help you out with that wish list.

For the Artistic/Creative

Signature Series: Kelly Purkey
Price: $17.95
I adore this girl, and I've already added her book to my Dear Santa list. Hope I've been a good enough girl this year.

A book loaded with inspiration... and the cutest author around! 

For the Photo/Camera Lover
iPhone Camera Remote
I take SO many of my pictures with my phone these days. Love the idea of a remote for that camera!

For the Girl who Just Wants to Have Fun

Beastie Boys Solid Gold Hits
Price: $8.99
I know it's old-school, but this music is always the pick-me-up I need when I'm feeling low on energy or simply want to have some fun.
Available on

For the Modern Maven

IKEA Cart (with some Swedish name)
Is it odd to have a crush on an object, because I think I'm in love with this little fella.
There are just a few of the happy things that have landed on my Dear Santa list this year. What is it you're wishing for?

Happy gift giving!