Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter Ideas

So, I was on the Facebook this morning (a regular Sat. morning occurrence), when I came across these beautiful, dyed Easter eggs.

Debie, the talented gal that made these, gave me permission to put them on my blog. To create them, she used rub-ons and scrapbooking glitter. Yes, a few basic crafting supplies used in a stunning way. Do you like? I love! I love so much in fact, that I’ve convinced my family that we need to dye eggs this year. We weren’t going to (we aren’t doing a lot of our annual traditions this year, I’m afraid), but I’m totally inspired. I’ll post pictures if they’re anywhere near as divine as Debie’s. :)

Speaking of Easter crafts, here’s a silly card I made. I actually created this for a magazine call, but it wasn’t picked up. Yes, even in-house editors have to go through the same publishing routine. :)

The card reads, "From jelly bean showers bloom Easter egg flowers!"

I used a basic oval stamp to create the jellybeans and I added glaze to them to give them that delicious jellybean shine.

I hope you have a peaceful and happy Easter weekend! I'll leave you with a few more jellybean goodies. Enjoy!

Don't you wish all trees dropped jellybeans? Image credit

This is a super cute hostess gift idea if you're going to somebody's home for Easter dinner. Image and idea credit

I would love to wear one of these tasty numbers around my chubby neck. Image and product credit

Jellybean bags?!? Get outta town! Adorable. Image and idea credit


LollyChops said...

I love the jelly bean necklace.. I would totally wear that too!

Nikki said...

Megan, thanks for your sweet comments on my blog about my "tree and cherry" card I made.
I did have a great time @ CKC. I was in you class....hmmmm I can't remember the name of it, but we used that cute stamp set by Hero Arts and made 2 different l/o's and a card!! I had a great time and in fact I'm going to post my finished pages from that class today hopefully! Come over and check them out I really changed them up to fit my style! Have a great Easter Sunday!! -Nikki Sivils
Oh and I love anything and everything jellybean!!