Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wait. Before you take down those lights and drink that last glass of eggnog, let’s talk Christmas for just a few more minutes. I know it’s mid January, but I have a couple of Christmas cuties to share with you from my holiday. Do you mind prolonging the holiday magic for a few minutes more? 
A Themed Stocking
Has Jolly Old Saint Nick ever left you a themed Christmas stocking before? This year was a first for me, and I loved it. What a clever idea! My sweet Santa knows I have quite the sweet tooth and love pink, so he left me all (almost) pink treats in my sock. 

Speaking of themed stockings, my mom sent her sister a stocking stuffed with gift cards to all of the stores she likes the most. 
I love the idea of a themed stocking and definitely see myself doing one in the future. What theme ideas do you have?
A Charming Gift
This charm bracelet is one of my favorite gifts this year. Each of the little charms on it are from Fossil, and they’ve paid attention to every detail. 

Check out this sweet camera charm.

Marketing Magic
I don’t know if it’s because of my PR background or what, but I have a high appreciation for unique packaging. Fossil sent all of my charms in these little felt bags. 

And my watch came in this cute tin.

But it’s the extra surprise they threw in that really made my marketer’s heart sing. It’s a wood ornament wrapped in baker’s twine, with a note to see their special holiday blog for project ideas using the deer. Wow! You bet I checked out their ideas, and I adore the deer. What a creative idea! 

My Favorite Photo
Thanks to this beauty from Cor (the Canon 24-70mm/2.8 lens), I took many lovely photos this holiday...

...but the one below, which was taken before I opened my lens, happens to be my favorite. The boys are watching for a flying sleigh full of toys. Or maybe they’re checking out Frosty. Whatever it is they’re spying, I adore the look of the three of them gathered by the window. This picture will definitely find its way into my scrapbook soon.

Okay, that will be it for the Christmas least until next fall when we get to start the fun all over again. In the meantime, may many blessings be yours this year!


Nicole said...

Well the stocking are down and all the toys are put alway. All that stands in my living room from Christmas is a bare tree waiting to go back in the box. But I loved your posted. Looks like you had a FAB Christmas.

Unknown said...

Kinda nice to see you're still oohing and aahing over Christmas long after all my things are put away. Love the themed stocking stuffer idea, really love it! And the Fossil packaging is a fav of mine as well. LOVE the charm bracelet. My daughters surprised me with a James Avery charm bracelet this Christmas...can't wait to add more charms. Your photo of "the boys" is so sweet! And boy do I heart your new lens.

Jennifer said...

Love the themed stocking idea....I just might do that next year for my people!
And....can I have that lens????? hehe