Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This little Chuck Brown tree is a big blessing!

I hate to admit this, but I started this season not wanting to celebrate Christmas. My heart just wasn’t in it. You see, we were supposed to have a Christmas baby this year, and since that didn’t happen it kind of left a sad spot over the entire holiday for me. I’m relieved to say that I eventually shook some of these sad feelings, thanks to the help of my loving family and friends. But, because of my delay in getting into the Christmas spirit, we were without our decorations. Our solution: a bitty tree. 

We call this cutie our Chuck Brown tree, because it reminds us of Charlie Brown’s little tree. 

It’s so small, in fact, that we put it on our coffee table and it still doesn’t reach our ceiling. 

But it’s perfect. And it’s real. I haven’t had a real tree since I moved out of my parents’ home. I love the smell of a fresh tree. Our fake tree just doesn’t compare. 

So, we put our little tree up, got out a handful of ornaments and couple of strands of lights, and we set to decorating (with the help of the pups, of course). 

The result: the perfect little Christmas symbol. Our decor didn’t extend much beyond our little tree this year, but it was enough. It brought some much needed Christmas spirit into our home when it was needed the most. O tannenbaum, o tannenbaum, you fill my heart with music! 


natalie said...

I'm sad to read that your heart was hurting so much this year. My heart completely understands. There are dates that creep up and sweep me off my feet with sadness. Nothing can take away the feeling of loss, especially of what "could have been."

{Hugs} to you. Many, many {hugs}.

Unknown said...

Oh Dear Megan, my heart is breaking for you. I'm praying for your little family. I can relate, in a slightly different but still same "empty arms" feeling.
I love your little tree, very festive and you're right, there's just no way a fake tree can replace the smell of a real one!

Sabina said...

My sweet, sweet sista! How soon others forget what we may never forget... You are such a blessing in my life. Love you so very much!

DannyB said...

Hugs! Your tree is adorable and festive. So sorry about your pain. Time will help you to find peace with it. Your child will always be part of you and your love for your baby is a blessing, even through the hurt. You are vibrant and creative and have a wonderful loving family to go through this with you. Sending you warm thoughts.