Monday, December 15, 2008

Countdown to Christmas: A Giveaway and a Laugh

Christmas is about giving, so it seems appropriate that I have another giveaway, don’t you think? How does an autographed copy of Snippets: Mostly True Tales from the Lighter Side of Scrapbooking sound? This is a new book from Simple Scrapbooks magazine, that’s full of humorous tales from author Lain Ehmann. It’s a bitty book that would make a great stocking stuffer for any scrapbooker on your list (including you). (Plus, it was designed by the amazingly talented Cathy Zielske, which means it's as cute as it is funny.) Read a few sneak peek essays here.

Do you want a copy signed by Lain? If so, please leave a comment, stating a silly thing that’s happened to you. This can be a scrapbooking adventure, or something else entirely.

From comments received between now and this Wednesday, I’ll randomly select two winners to receive copies, just in time for Christmas. I can’t wait to read your stories. I’ll get thing started with this nugget:

My story is about beauty…sort of. In Jr. high, my girl friends and I were always painting our nails. We would add stickers, use lots of colors, and even use sented polish, all in an effort to have cute nails. Then we decided to step it up a notch and wear press-on nails, so we bought the kit at the store, complete with the ultra strong fingernail glue. You know, the kind that gets warm on contact because it’s sooo strong? Well, one morning before school I was reaching for my eye drops, which happened to be in a bitty bottle about the same size and shape as my press-on nail glue. You know what happened, don’t you? I grabbed the glue and gave it a squeeze. I glued my eye shut and had to spend the day in the eye emergency center. (Yes, there is such a place.) I then had to wear an eye patch to school for a week…IN JR HIGH. Not fun at that time, as you can imagine, but pretty amusing now. I hope it made you smile.

I can’t wait to read your silly stories. :)


Jennifer Hansen said...

My life is a comedy of errors! One of my more recent was opening my gas tank thingy, then opening the automatic side van door which then proceeded to get stuck on the gas thingy. Here I am the gas station trying to jam a book in the crack to get my door closed. If I drove with the side door open my van is so full of junk, I would have been a serious litterbug! Plus I had to make sure no one saw what stupid thing I just did! Luckily I finally got something jammed in there to close it.

Unknown said...

Okay, I'll bite.

Back in the day, my husband and I were at VF factory outlet trying on some stuff.
This was when they had the dressing "rooms" (which were actually just a row of curtains, partitioned off) in the back of the store. No mens, and womens, just some generic spaces with privacy.
Anyway, my husband was in the "room" next to me. I thought I would be funny, as I saw his stocking feet under the curtain, and ran my foot up and down his leg.
Yeah, it wasn't him.
Some random, and very weirded out stranger.

Unknown said...

I used to be a ski instructor at a very swanky resort. I was skiing under a very busy lift during a holiday weekend with clients in uniform. There had been a huge storm the day before, powder is always at a premium so thinking I had found a patch I plowed into it with lots of speed and complete abandon. Little did I know as I flew Superman style, double ejecting from both skis and landing ten feet away from my now buried gear, the sun had been baking that lovely spot of untouched snow into a bank of cement. It took me a few seconds that seemed like minutes to unbury myself and then minutes which seemed like hours to find and then dig my skis out. All of that entertainment under a lift was quite the entertainment value for all of those who rode by...


Thanks for letting me relive that one moment of many, LOL!


Laurie in MN said...

Going back about 35 years, I went to MI, to visit my Uncles relatives whom I met when they visited WI. With nine children in one family, and about 20 cousins within a half mile, there was always something happening.
I was taught how to ride a motorcycle. Riding around the house was great fun until I realized no one told me how to stop. With one cousin chasing me, I started laughing and almost hit the barn.
Another time we were walking through a corn field when I saw a mouse. Being a sissy, I left everyone eating my dust as I ran to the safetly of open spaces.
Not wanting to miss anyone or anything, I slept very little and slept on the living room couch so I could hear if anyone was up and about. I would sit and visit when the older guys came home from their third shift jobs. Early one morning I heard my Dad and one of the boys visiting and got up so fast, my legs didn't get the message from my brain, and I rolled off the couch onto the floor.
I was cheap entertainment.

Unknown said...

Hmm.... OK This is more funny than anything, but kind of embarrasing... I had just bought a new truck and had temp tags on it, I drove past a police officer and he pulled me over because the tags looked funny ( I am still not sure why they looed funny, but,,,) when the officer came and spoke to me, my 8 year old daughter in the back seat hollared out "MOM, DO YOU HAVE A GOOD LAWYER???" I knoe my face turned red, the officer was trying not to laugh and let me go with a warning... Out of the mouths of babes!

Layle Koncar said...

Hey Megan! No need to enter me in the contest, but I have an eye story to share. When I was in college, my roommate would always use a small pair of cuticle scissors to separate the clumps in her eyelashes after she put on her mascara. Being the smart gal that I was (ha!), I decided to try it one day. What do you know, my hand slipped and the scissors went into my eye. I too found myself in the eye care center. Yah, trying to explain to the MALE dr. exactly what I was doing when I managed to poke myself in the eye with scissors... Wore a patch for a few days with lots of goop in it, not fun, but everything turned out to be ok.

Hope you find your Christmas spirit, friend!