Thursday, December 11, 2008

Countdown to Christmas: Candy Stick Mailing Tube

I did a little Christmas shopping this evening. Dillards is having a HUGE sale right now (until Sunday, I think) that you don’t want to miss. All purses are 30%+ off, and that includes the big brands like Coach. I sh*& you not! The sale is storewide, so you’ll also want to hit the shoe department for some amazingly priced goodies.

Okay, it’s project time. I imagine you have some wrapping to do, eh? (If not, you will after you hit the Dillards sale.) Here’s an idea for wrapping any number of things—socks, a shirt, a scarf, candy, a gift card, etc. Let’s take a peek at how I made my candy cane tube.

Step 1: Cut white paper to fit mailing tub using a craft knife.

Step 2: Adhere paper to tube, leaving a few millimeters of extra paper at each end.

Step 3: Tape end of ribbon to inside of tube on one end.

Step 4: Wrap ribbon around the tube.

Step 5: Repeat with a second piece of ribbon. Secure wrapped ribbon pieces to bottom end of tube with tape (on inside of tube).

Step 6: Attach real candy sticks to center of tube with tape, wrap a piece of twine around tube, and add a tag.

White Paper
Christmas Stamp Set (Technique Tuesday)
Red Ink (Technique Tuesday)
Mailing Tube (Xpedex)
Red Polka Dot Ribbon (American Crafts)
Red Twine
Candy Sticks

The hardest part of this project – finding the candy sticks. I ended up getting them at the candy store at Gardner Village, but that’s because I made this back in Oct. I have a feeling peppermint sticks are easier to find this time of year.

A’ight. It’s time for my holiday song. This is a Christmas song, but, from the looks of these dancers, it may also works as a Halloween harmony. Let’s have a little listen to some Linus & Lucy:

And, just for fun, check out this rendition, where the Peanuts gang dance to Hey Ya by Outkast:

Well, my friends. I’m off to wrap my fun Dillards gifts. Happy crafting!


Emily Call said...

so cute Megan!

Anonymous said...

I like your tube, Megan! Happy Friday! ---teri

Brandy J. said...

Very cute and clever! Thanks for the Dillards tip...I'll have to check out their shoe department. ~Brandy

Latisha said...

Very cute packaging!! I don't think there is a Dillards in San Diego, but thanks for the info. Just wait until you have kids, I got mine the cutest clothes yesterday, I hit up Abercrombie (kids) Gymboree & Limited Too, I scored some sweet deals >"<
The Outkast Peauts video is so fun, I watched with my kids and we danced.

Rory Fugerson said...
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