Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Name Game: Nursery Decor

Foolish me. I thought maternity would leave me with all this free time to create. Umm... not so much. I've pretty much spent every free minute of this happy time holding my sweet girl. BUT, I have managed to squeeze in a few crafts, including decor for Miss Maggie's room.

As soon as I saw these frames and letters from BasicGrey, I knew I had to have them for Mag's nursery. I filled them with fabric—the same fabric I used on the banners I made for her special space.

If you like this look, you can create it in a few simple steps:

1. Select your frames, letters and fabric. Iron the fabric.
2. I used spray adhesive to attach the letter negatives to the fabric.
3. Smooth out any air bubbles. (BTW, is it me or does my hand look VERY freaky in this photo? It bugs. Like Penguin's flipper or something. Yuck!)
4. I backed my fabric with white cardstock to make the fabric pop more than it would if I had just framed it without a backing.
5. Frame the fabric-backed letter.

You'll have to excuse the reflection. Shooting glass with a cell phone doesn't make for the best shot. 
These letters are actually two projects in one, as you can use the negative shape (above), as well as the positive shape (the letter you punch out), which is what I did for the M.

Here's a closer look at each letter. I adore the splash of color this adds to Maggie's room. And she seems to dig it... well, as much as a two-month-old can dig wall art. :)

More baby crafts to come soon. Until then, I hope this one brings a smile to your face. Thanks for stopping by.



*reyanna* said...

Oh, how cute!! Man, I never posted photos of Hattie's room. *sigh* And now I'm about to re-do it! LOL. I should probably take photos first... LOL. Maggie's room looks amazing! :-D

jengd said...

Looks fabulous!

Kristi Parker Van Doren said...

OK...this is too cute and perfect for your perfect little angel. Sadly I have not gotten my little something in the mail yet for Maggie...Not that it is complicated but wanted to add some photos...Stalking you does not seem to be working out! LOL WE will see...but this is darling! GREAT idea.

Cheryl said...

Great project! I hear ya on the "thinking there would be time to craft" notion. I thought the same thing and had a whole line up of projects I wanted to get done! Maybe 2 or 3 did but I was just as happy playing with my button nosed baby! Enjoy - believe me when they say it goes fast.

Cindy Tobey said...

Love it Megan! Maggie is so blessed to have you for her Mama! xo

Cynthia Baldwin said...

Very cute! So great that you've found time to be crafty even when you're busy with a newborn. Maggie is one lucky girl. :) great to see you blogging again too!