Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eight Things at 38 Weeks

From the looks of my ever growing belly, my baby girl’s arrival is just around the corner. The end of this miraculous stage is fast approaching. Of course, the thing I look forward to the most is meeting this little person who has been keeping me company for the better part of the year. What a moment that will be!
There are a few other things that I’m looking forward to. Nothing that compares to meeting my babe, but things. In honor of the 38 week milestone, here are just eight of those things:
1. Wearing shoes other than flip flops. Right now, my swollen feet won’t fit into anything else. Good thing warm weather is here.

2. Drinking a Red Bull. Oh, how I miss my wings. 

3. Bending over to pick things up without moaning and groaning. 

4. Walking without a waddle. 

5. Sleeping through the night without having my bladder wake me several times. Of course, that will likely be replaced with a babe waking me, but that’s A-okay with me. 

6. Drinking the occasional cocktail with dinner. Mmmm...

7. Wearing something other than the six-ish outfits I currently have available to me. 

8. Fully embracing Cory again. Bring on the bear hugs! 



Layle said...

You're in the home stretch! Welcome June baby!

jengd said...

Soon! Very soon! I understand the shoe thing! Boy was born in July- I wore "work shoes" to work and around noon, had to change into my hot pink Crocs every day because the shoes no longer fit. :) And, for the last 2 months or so, I slept in our guest room because I tossed and turned so much, I stayed awake afraid I'd wake the hubby. There was also the issue of having a fan blowing directly on me because I was so warm- I actually wanted the room at a temp he called "cold" and that's unheard of. LOL! I'll be thinkin' of you over the next few weeks!

Amy said...

It's been so fun to see and hear all you've been through. So exciting for you!! I can't wait to see pics of that new baby.

Lisa said...

You couldn't be any cuter. Seriously. You should be in advertisements for pregnancy "things". :)

jengd said...


natalie said...

Oh, I just keep checking to see if sweet baby girl has arrived yet! Can't wait to celebrate that precious little miracle! :)

natalie said...

I know she's here. She MUST be here. Please, PLEASE give us a tiny bit of pink bliss.

Lizzie R said...

I check often too but no baby news. I guess you are just enjoying the new baby time.