Monday, July 13, 2009

Good & Good for You!

Lookin’ for delicious doughnuts? Do I really have to ask? Who doesn’t love frosted, fried dough delights? Especially when they’re as pretty as these?

I got these pink beauties to celebrate Nat’l Pink Day a few weeks back, and they tasted as good (if not better) than they looked.

Wait. What’s this? One of the doughnuts came with a bite taken out of it?!? Who would do such a thing? Okay, so I was trying to wait for Cor to get home from work before indulging, but I just couldn’t resist sampling. I left the mystery bite unexplained with Cor, so please don’t spill the beans.

For my readers outside of UT, I apologize for teasing, but I couldn't resist sharing the source of these local yums. Do you have a favorite snack shack in your town (doughnuts, snow cones, cupcakes, etc.)? If so, I'd love to read about it here. I'm always looking for new tasty hot spots to visit, both here at home and on the road. Please, drop me a comment and tell me all about it.


Flagstaff said...

I don't really like donuts, but those look yummy. My favorite sweet indulgence place in Seattle is Trophy Cupcakes:

Not only are their cupcakes and hot chocolate divine - but their color palette has inspired some scrapbook pages for me! :)

There's usually a CKU Seattle - so maybe you'll have a chance to sample... :)

Megan said...

Mmmm... I love a nummy cupcake. Thanks for the tip. I will definitely check them out the next time I'm in Seattle. :)


Nicole said...

Those look so good. Thanks to you I think I'm going to stop and get a dount on the way home from work. They just opend up a bunch of Tim Hortons by me. I'll let u know if its tasty

Linda Beeson said...

Those beauties HAVE to be good for you when they look that good! I want a place like that here. We have lost so many bakeries in the last several years.

Unknown said...

these are so good. Key lime is my favorite!!!

Kim J said...

Love Beyond Glaze! The mango is my favorite. :)

Unknown said...

I highly recommend Sugarland in Chapel Hill! Best tasting and best looking cupcakes and Gelato around. Hope you make it out here to taste and visit soon!! I'm taking my parents there tonight so I'll try and get some pics to entice you.


steph devlin said...

Hey Megan, how are you..... OMG those donuts are absolutely divine..... We have nothing like that here .... we don't even have Krispy Kreme.... Sob Sob.

I hope you are well, and just wanted to pop in say hello and drool over those rings....

Steph xo