Saturday, July 4, 2009

Celebrating Freedom, Lake City Style

Happy Fourth of July from Lake City, Colorado! Cor and I are here, enjoying the festivities with our family. There’s something to be said for celebrating in a small town. For some reason, it feels more patriotic and all-American. Probably because I can’t step out the front door without hearing laughter, music and celebration. It all started this morning with a parade.

As a former band nerd, I'm always drawn to the musical acts, and this float of performers did not dissapoint.

One of the best parts of the parade is all of the candy that's thrown. Here's Mom in mid-catch. Let's hope it's bubble gum in that hot little hand of hers.

Don't forget to stand and acknowledge the flag as it passes you by today (and always). We were a bit saddened by all those who failed to stand at attention as our nation's symbol made its way down the parade route. Are people really that disrespectful these days?

Like so many others in town, we parked our pickup along side the route and set up our chairs to watch the show. We really didn't have to, however, as the parade lines up right in front of Mom and Pop's house to get started, which is a fun thing to see out the front window.

You can’t turn a corner here without seeing someone decked out in the colors of our flag. Naturally, Cor and I were right there with them. (Yes, his Yankees shirt counts, despite what many around here may say.)

I even whipped out my beads and made a few necklaces to help us dress the part.

I made this one for Schmom to wear.
I'm sporting this one, made with red, white and blue glass beads.
And, this chubby R, W & B bird is cut from a cute line of American Crafts paper and placed behind a glass pebble.

Maybe next year I’ll take my wears to the Lake City Craft Show—a fun little gathering of creative peeps.

And what’s the Fourth of July without some B-I-N-G-O? Sadly, we didn’t win, but we sure had a good time-o!

We plan on concluding this beautiful day under a night sky of color. Boom boom pow!

However you choose to celebrate the birthday of our nation (my US readers, that is), I hope you have a wonderful time letting freedom ring!

Happy 4th!


Kim K said...

Love the shot of the fire truck with all the flags.
How could you not stand for that?

Nicole said...

Looks like u had a great 4th, The jewerly came out great. Nice pictures. This 4th my daughter actually watched her 1st fireworks(she is 13 months)I could tell she was a little scared of the loud noise, but her eyes were clearly captavied by the colors.

Well got to go finish my August CK mag issue. Talk to ya lata

Paula said...

Megan, I passed a red mustang this morning and felt a pang of missing you. Let's have lunch again soon. Are you going to visit SU convention this year?