Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ring Ring...

"I’ll get it!” Growing up, these were the words I’d yell from where ever I was in our home whenever the phone would ring. I loved answering the call of a ringing phone. And there was a time when every phone in our home was of the rotary variety. I love the look of this old school tele.

Inspired by the retro rotary, I created this hello card.

More specifically, I was inspired by my Fossil watch tin, which so cleverly combines the Fossil logo with the rotary style.

Do you like?

I made this for our March card group. The cards from the rest of the group are coming to a blog near you (mine) soon, so please check back.

More Phones

Phone on a Leash
I had this phone a tiny tot. His eyes move up and down when you pull his string. In fact, it’s still in my parents’ basement somewhere, along with about a billion other play things.

Havest Gold Phone
We had a phone just like this one in our kitchen back in the day, as well as a Harvest Gold stove (that just bit the dust last year) and Harvest Gold light fixtures (which hang from my parents’ kitchen ceiling to this day).

Watch Whatchore Doin' Phones
Check out these cool rotary phone watches. I’d never strap one to my wrist, but the idea is fun.

The Phone Look
I would, however, hang a phone from my neck. In fact, I have a rotary phone necklace. Not this particular one from, but I am considering adding it to my collection.
iWanted it so iBought it Phone
Did you know they make a rotary phone ap for the iPhone that lets you dial your phone rotary style? I just purchased it (it’s $.99) and gave it a whirl. It even makes the da-da-da-da sound as you dial. Fun!

iWant it and One Day iWill Buy it Phone
I love this pink polka dot phone from Pottery Barn Teen. I hope to give it a home someday.

Call Me Phones
These calling cards are happy.

Museum Montage Phones
I took this ring-a-ding picture at a museum in Colorado.

Vintage Video Phone
And this video is priceless.

Gotta run! The phone’s ringing.


{VICKI} said...

LOVE the video!
Thanks for sharing---got a good laugh

ronee said...

i love the card...and the watch tin...i do miss the old school that you bought the app...apps are amazing
love you girlie
miss you

celester said...

growing up we had that same harvest gold rotary phone, oh the memories! totally miss those. great tip about the iphone app, i had no idea, but i'm totally getting that! very fun post.