Saturday, November 1, 2008

Along Came a Spider

Legend has it, if you see a spider on Halloween you’re actually seeing the spirit of a dead relative. Well, our live-in black widow came out for a visit yesterday––a rare occurrence. Who do you suppose it was?

There were more than spiders to see this year. Everything from a first-hand look inside the Utah State Prison and cartoonland to freaky candy, fun kids and dressed up pups. This was definitely a Day of the Dead to remember.

To start this and every Halloween off right, I always buy some Frankenberry, Count Chocolate and Boo Berry cereal (Yum!) and, of course, a fine assortment of tasty treats––Peeps (they have Cocoa Cat Peeps this year – awesome!), and these cool vampire teeth with gummy tongues.
Nuuummmy...gummy tongues!

The celebration of Fright Night wouldn’t be complete without a costume party or two. Cor and I transformed into Homer and Marge and made a visit to the Opel Mansion for a hauntingly good time.
Marge: Mmmm...Homie, stop scratching your ear.
Homer: Doh!

The festivities continued at the office where I work. It happens to be very near the state prison, so we (the Simple Scrapbooks and Digital Scrapbooking magazines) turned our area of the building into a satellite office for the rowdiest of cons. Welcome to Die-Cut Row!
We were locked up behind bars, while the Warden watched from a safe distance. Our gang was made up of "One-Eyelet" Hoeppner (me), "Scrappie" Smedley (Wendy), "Crop Killa" Jolley (Carolyn), "Point-n-Shoot" Barney (Marin), "Scan Artist" Willden (Jenny), "Rhinestone Robber" Wozab (Jen), and Warden Martin (Jennafer).

How's this for fun: I won a costume in both outfits. Simple and Digi won first place at work, and I won a super cute prize for being Marge at the Opel party. Talk about fun bragging rights!

Naturally, the pups had to join in the fun. With Cor and I dressed as inmates, Kiss decided he had better put on his K9 costume and keep us in line. And Jack added the “o-lantern” to his name.

I busted outta the clink at work, only to find the K9 unit waiting for me. Dang it all!

What a sweet little pup. He definitely lives up to his name.

And what’s Halloween without carved pumpkins? Every year, my family gathers at my parents’ house for a little knife fun. Here’s what we came up with this year.
In a matter of minutes, Cor drew super cool flames on his pumpkin with a pen and carved it to look like a meteor. What a talented science nerd he is.

I cheated and used one of those patterns to create my hootie design.

The end result: A meteor that cast awesome shadows; a creepy scarecrow, complete with a cool top (Mom's); a creeeepy skeleton (Pop's); and my menacing bird.

To wrap things up, Cor and I went to a costume party at the Snowbird ski resort, where his family has a time share. Look at these cute little ghouls and boy.
Funny story: My nieces told me they were going as gangsters (before they were dressed up), so I taught them a few gangsta moves (gang signs, greetings, sayings, etc.). Well, as you can see, they were gangstERS, not gangstAS. Oh well, Alex still looks tough flashing that "westside" sign. LOL!

A hauntingly good time was had by all this year! What did you do to celebrate? Come one, I dare ya to tell me. Bwa hahahahahahaha!


ronee said...

Good job aunty!
at least she is flashing the right signs...

heh no package yet..should i be worried???

Sherry Wright said...

Looks like a blast was had all day, love your outfits! Your pumpkins look great, I'm sure you're resting up today. ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the winnings, Megan. Nice costumes! I dig the pups' outfits, too. And, um, dude, warden Jennafer kind of scares me. ;) :) --teri