Monday, April 14, 2014

Eggs-tra, Eggs-tra! Read all about it!

Shake things up this Easter with a sequin-filled, semi see-through, Eggarland! It's fun to make and will add color to your world!

I decided to make one a few weeks ago, after my friends at Doodlebug surprised me with this package of divine vellum and sparkling sequins. (I have the kindest friends!) Upon opening it, I immediately knew I wanted to incorporate it into my home decor, and the Eggarland hatched!

Do it To it!
Here's how to hatch your own sparkle-filled eggs:

1. Cut 3"x12" strips from 12x12 sheets of vellum.

2. Fold each strip into thirds.

3. Fold thirds in half and position egg shape on bundle to be used as cutting template.

4. Cut out around egg.

5. You should now have two sets of mirror-image eggs (when placed back to back).

6. Sew around majority of egg pair (again, when it's placed back to back) using sewing machine or by hand stitching.

7. Fill egg with sequins.

8. Sew remainder of egg closed.

9. Cut around sewn egg using pinking sheers.

10. Spell "Easter" on six of your eggs using sequins to create letters. Stitch around letter to secure and then stitch egg to mirror image (back to back) without filling it with sequins.

11. String your Eggarland up in front of a door or window where it will catch the light.

Shake, shake, shake! Easter is in the air!

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Frances said...

Such a great idea. Well done!