Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Bow Must Go On: Bow-inspired gift wrap

Dapper Dan, is that you? Oh, no, it's just the bow show, continuing after the fun had on Monday with Megan my bow tutorials.

I put a few of those bows to good use on a couple of debonair designs for my handsome Valentine.

Lookin' fine, Valentine.

What would my Valentine be without a matching card? Do cards get any easier than this? It's a bow on a piece of paper. Whoa! Mustn't overdo. ;)

Okay, so I also added a sentiment. Not wanting to disrupt the bow-tie feel of my card front, I adhered a new My Mind's Eye journaling card to the top of the back of the card.

So, the gift within this package is less than exciting.  

Tell me something, do you think it's smart to dress the gift to the nines when it will be opened to reveal a... meh? Or do you think it's better to set the stage from the beginning? You know, wrap my ho-hum gift in a plastic grocery sack or something. Jury's out for me. You might say it's a bow tie.  >:<


1 comment:

Frances said...

So simply elegant and beautiful! I think the wrapping and packaging is just as important as the gift. Thanks for the bowtiful tutorial.