Sunday, December 22, 2013

Embroidery Hoop Ornament

In an effort to save some cash this Christmas, I've decided to make many of my gifts using crafting supplies I have on hand, including this glamper ornament.

Do you like? It's a fun one to make. Here's how:

1. Spray paint a mini embroidery hoop using glittery gold paint.

I love Glitter Dust from Therm O Web. It dries quickly and doesn't leave glittery hitchhikers on everything. It's what I used to paint my embroidery hoop. 

2. Position piece of printed burlap in the painted hoop. (I purchased the white polka dot burlap from the Hob Lob [Hobby Lobby].)

Instead of the usual embroidery-hoop backing of cotton or felt, opt for burlap for a fun, textured twist. 

3. Cut an oval from felt. Cut a second piece that fits the bottom half of the oval, scalloping the top.

I adore my Wool Felt Squares from Kata Golda. They're sturdy and come in stunning colors--just the ticket for this project! 

4. Cut a window and a door from coordinating felt. Cut space from bottom half of camper where door will be position. Adhere cut felt pieces together using a bit of fabric glue.

5. Attach felt glamper to burlap using embroidery floss and a sewing needle. Don't forget detailing around the window and door.

6. Attach jute to top of hoop and secure bits of fabric to the jute using fabric glue to create the banner.

I have a serious crush on Kokka Fabrics, which I purchased at Purl in Soho. The fabric is from Japan, is light weight, and absolutely lovely--just the material to make some cute banner business! 

7. Attach an adorable Fancy Pants Designs Christmas tree (Love these!) and a Bella Blvd. button "tire" to the ornament using jute and a sewing needle.

8. Write "joy" using embroidery floss and needle. I freehanded this, but you could also write a word directly on the burlap with invisible ink and follow the word with your needle and floss for a more guided approach.

9. Finish things off by attaching a scrap of fabric to the top of the ornament so you have something to attach it to the tree with.

10. Give the glamper and make someone a very happy camper!



Unknown said...

This is so totally cute, Megan! Loved it when you shared via instagram! ^_^

Kitty said...

Did you forget about the Season of Giving Blog Hop? You should have your name removed from the list


@JoyceCasaldi said...

Very cute Megan!
Wishing you a happy, healthy joyous New Year!

Carol from La Crosse said...


I came onto your blog because you were listed on the Season Giving Blog hop... and I am glad I did!!!
I decided that I wanted to follow your blog because you are very talented!!

Looking forward to seeing what you do in 2014!! :-)

Mary Duffek said...

That is stinkn' adorable!!! Oh my word... toooo cute.

Unknown said...

I love, love, love that ornament. So sweet and totally handmade.
Enjoyed the blog hop

Unknown said...

I didn't want to leave this under the blog hop comment since I left one...but I am honestly loving your blog!! I have already pinned a few ideas that will be perfect! It was a long haul to get to yours since it was the last one..but it was so worth it! I am still reading HAHA

Thanks again!
Jackie P