Friday, June 3, 2011

Was it Intuition?

This and many other prints that I adore are available on the Skippy Designs Etsy shop.

Confession: I absolutely believe in intuition. Do you? 
Call it what you will. A voice. A feeling. Energy. A dream that feels like so much more than just a dream... Intuition is a way of feeling or sensing things. A way of connecting with yourself, others, and even a higher power. 
I think all of us are intuitive. Some just know how to tap into it better. I’m fortunate enough to have some VERY intuitive people in my life, and I love it! I, on the other hand, am still learning to understand my own intuition and how to hear it/know it.
What’s the point of this, you ask? Well, I had a strange encounter with my own intuition today. To the outside observer, it won’t amount to much. But it brought me some great, much needed joy. So, to me, it amounts to everything. Interested?

These prints are very similar to the ones discussed in my story below. You can find these amazing images at the Skippy Designs Etsy shop.. Love them! 

Here’s the story:
About a Year Ago: I visit Gardner Village and see this incredible set of printed canvases for sale. They’re pink. There’s a scrabble one. There’s a typewriter one. There’s even one with a bitty white dog on it. So many things that I adore! They scream “Megan.” Alas, the set is almost $200. This does not scream “Megan.” I leave, not to think about them again, until... 
6 Months Later: I visit the same store. The set is still there. I discuss my love for it with the clerk. She informs me it’s the last one. She also informs me it’s still $200! Dang. I want it, but I leave. I just can’t spend that kind of monies on an unnecessary item.
This Week: If you read my “C Word” post, you know I’m stressed. I’m tired. And I don’t feel too hot. More on this in a moment. 
* This Morning: I come out of sleep thinking about those prints. Pictures I haven’t thought of since my last store visit. Not only am I thinking about them, I’m very sure that I’m going to buy them today. I have no plans to go to Gardner Village today. And I certainly didn’t find $200 of spare change in my couch. But I know they will be mine. As I become more alert, the thought leaves me. 
This Afternoon: I’m in Target with a friend on our lunch break. We’re walking down the picture aisle. I ask her about another picture we both want. Another pic neither of us can justify spending the $ on. Neither she nor I have purchased it yet, either. “Oh well,” I tell her, “if we wait long enough it will end up here anyway.” As I gesture to the pics in the aisle, I notice it. Them. The pink, “Megan”-screaming pics! They ended up in Target! Now, they’re not on the same large canvas ones, but the prints are identical. And I love them just as much. I almost squeal with delight. Me, the sick, sad girl, is now so, SO happy! 
Later this Afternoon: I buy the art! And I love the art! And, guess what! My friend buys similar art. And she loves hers just as much.
Here I am, just after my moment of Target bliss. I was so excited that I asked Joannie to snap a picture of me with the art. 

And here's Joannie with her purchase. It's in a red color scheme and is equally as cool! 

Sure, you can call this coincidence, but why would I wake up and not only thinking about these pics, but knowing they’d be mine today if it weren’t for intuition? 
The funny thing about my personal experiences with intuition is that they’re so often random. I don’t know why this happened today. It’s not like a vision of the winning lottery numbers hit me or something. This is often how my intuition works, which makes it hard for me to understand or recognize. 
And the same kinds of things happen to my sweet mama. I hope she won’t mind me sharing that with you. Her scenarios are often as random and seemingly ordinary as mine. But it’s intuition. And intuition is so not ordinary. 
What about you? Have you had intuitive experiences? I always love hearing about them if you’re open to discussing them. If not, I completely understand. This is a personal thing, and it can be a sensitive subject. If you are up for a little chitchat, I’d also love to know how you recognize your own intuitive abilities. Care to share? 
*Note: All of this actually happened on Thursday, which is the day I wrote the post. So if you happened to see me today and think, she didn’t go to Target today, this would be why. Of course, knowing me, there’s a very good chance i’ll go to Target again the day this posts anyway. Not intuition at work; just me knowing myself and my predictable shopping patterns. ;) 


laura vegas said...

this is so awesome megan! i love stuff like that! and i love target! and i go to target several times a week. lol! and now i want to go and check these cute prints you and joannie have :)

*reyanna* said...

Wow! That is craziness!! And SOOOOO cool! I'm glad you found it!

Yes, I'm sure that has happened to me... my intuition working well to find me something I need or want. But... right now, my brain is super fuzzy. I'm going to go eat a pb&j sandwich, and if I remember later... I'll let you know. LOL. ;-)

Anonymous said...

thats awesome! my intuition is wonky-totally random, totally puzzling! and i share the target love!

Hot Wheels and Glue Guns said...

What a great story!

I absolutly believe in intuition. I leaned a long time ago to trust my gut...even when it has butterflies in it. I also belive in the power of praying for clarity, and I think that God gave me the ability to use my intuition to make the best choices for me. I have a few family members in heaven and I wonder if my intuition is their voice in my ear.

Do you belive in deja-vu? The most random moments will happen and I think-I have been here before.Example: I was writing out a to-do list yeaterday and I was online to research something. I seriously had this vision of looking at thesame web page before. So random, I know ha!

Ladybug68 said...

What an amazing story!! The law of attraction!!

P. Kelly Smith said...

Great story, Megs! Timing is everything. You asked about our own personal stories of intuition...I have a very strong feeling that you and I will be enjoying some In 'N' Out this week!

Lydia said...

So happy you found those! They are sweet!!! I love both sets. What a happy find. Hope the rest of your week continues to bring you unexpected joy.

JulieHRR said...

Oh, what a good, delighted laugh I just had, reading your story! That is fan-tas-magorical! (to coin a phrase my dad always used)*monkey clapping*

Brandy J. said...

You are hilarious! I went to Gardner Village this past week and saw these prints. They are so cool, but they're still there which means you're not the only one who isn't willing to pay the high price tag.

Stacy Cohen said...

Oh Megan, I love this story! I'm a strong believer in intuition and the Law of Attraction too. Check out a recent event in my life that confirmed my belief:

I'm so glad you found those coveted canvases at Target. They are fabulous! I might need to take a little trip over to Target today . . . :)

Amber said...

Ooooh! I love days like that! I'm so glad you found something to make you so happy! Hugs!