Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun with Felt: A Mini Album

When was the last time you felt like doing something a little different with your crafting? For me, it was back in July when Studio 5 asked me to create a mini album from felt. They saw the idea on scrapbooker Elizabeth Kartchner’s blog and fell in love with it, as did I, so I naturally jumped at the chance to play with this forgiving crafting medium. Since today is Grandparents Day, I thought I’d share the outcome of my felt adventures today.

I went with a generational theme, including photos of my great-grandma (Don’t you just love her attire?

My grandma...

My mama...


And a blank space, where I hope to eventually include pictures of my own little girl.

Plus a few shots of us together, again with a few blank pages that I hope to fill in as the generations continue to grow.

I originally created this book as a gift for my mom, but I fell in love with it and decided I want to be selfish and keep it just for me, so I’m in the process of making a second one for Schmom. It really is that easy to make. I don’t even mind making a duplicate. Hooray for felt!

Have you ever played with this textured medium? If so, I’d love to hear about what you created. If not, I hope you’ll give it a try. This Grandparents Day seems like as good a time as any. :)

Speaking of Grandparents Day, there’s a beautiful assortment of grandparent-themed scrapbook pages on the Creating Keepsakes blog today, including a generational one by me, which was inspired by this very book. I hope you have a minute to check them out.

A very happy day to all of the loving grandparents of the world! If you’re anything like my amazing grandparents were, you make the world a wonderfully imaginative, fun, and caring place. Thank you!

For more on how this little book is made, you can watch this television segment I did, which includes helpful felt pointers, shopping tips, and more! (And you can see more of my Studio 5 segments on the Creating Keepsakes website.)


april said...

i'm so chicken to work with fabric, although i just made a baby quilt :)

julia said...

thats a really nice scrapbook great job :)