Monday, April 19, 2010

Ten Trendy Tree Cards

You don’t have to be Tarzan, a green thumb, or even a tree hugger to love the trendy look of trees on paper crafts. This hot design accent is all over in products and super fun to work with, so I was delighted when my monthly card group was given an April theme of cards with trees on them. Take a look at the awesome ideas that *ahem* branched from this playful prompt.

P. Kelly, our card group queen, went with a subtle tree look, using this sweet house-lined paper from American Crafts.

And Kelly wasn’t the only one drawn to the subtle tree-lined street. Beth also created using this sassy paper. I love how different these cards are, even though the product used is so similar.

Becky built a tree of love on her card by stitching a bunch of punched hearts to her tree. She also did a zigzag stitch for her grass, which is adorable!

Brady also added a dash of stitching to his card. And isn’t that bitty button tree the cutest?

Speaking of buttons and trees, check out the funky bubble tree Brandy created. The big button adds the perfect finishing touch!

Tracy went with a tree trio. I really like how her darker color scheme helps balance out this mix. It’s a nice change of pace and a very attractive card.

Sara also did a darker color combo. I like the addition of twine. It really works well with the earthy feel of the theme.

Jennifer planted a bitty tree on her card, which she stamped and cut out. I love the clean simplicity of her design!

Roxanne also stamped to create her swirl tree, and she even gave it a happy birdie inhabitant.

To round out our collection, I, too, stamped to create my tree, using a stamp from Unity Stamp Co. I then colored in the different leaves with Copic markers and added an embellishment or two to top it off.

This was my original design, which had baker's twine for the swing. Oh, and that way dang cute owl stamp is from Paper Source. Love that store!

It only took making one like this to realize that it would take way too long to do 12, so I switched to a stitched swing.

The final outcome looked a little something like this, minus my sloppy, handwritten "Swingin' by to say hi" sentiment. I'm not a huge fan of my handwriting, so I left it off of most of my cards.

BTW, I should apologize for my sub par photography. I thought I’d be all creative and shoot these cards in an actual tree, so I took them out front and perched them in my yard. Yeah, the idea was fun, but the lighting and shadows made it a challenge. So much for thinking outside of the light box. ;)

I hope this post has planted a few fun ideas in your head. Cheers!


Unknown said...

I actually thought the tree dea was a cute one. Maybe not the best pics but cute anyway

Unknown said...

It was such a wonderful theme and such a fun get together!!!
LOVED everyone's projects, but your little hootie was my fave, the swing was adorable!!!

Melanie said...

Love the tree idea - I'll have to make some - quick ? did you ever pick a new hairstyle?

sarah said...

talk about CUTE and more cute! :)


Unknown said...

Cute cards!

Hey did you ever get all those photos I emailed you of my craft room? Curious.

Maris said...

Hi Dear! Hope all is well with you. I miss reading your posts and we ought to catch up soon! I've changed jobs and need to send you my new contact info.


P. Kelly Smith said...

Love that you shot the tree cards in actual trees! Very Stace-esque! And if I'm the card group queen, you're the card group duchess!

Auntie M said...

I need some of these cards. They are amazing!

Kim Watson said...

'branched'...haha! funny!

Love the trees....very cute ideas...too much inspiration, not enough time :o)
How have you been? XX

Nicole said...

This cards are super pretty...I'm really enjoying the use of Owls

Nicole said...

Hey will u be at CKC Charlotte???????? I really hope so