Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's hit

It just hit me. And I sit here, sobbing. I don’t know why, but bad news always takes a while to sink in. Well, it’s in, and I’m sad.

Simple Scrapbooks, the magazine I worked on for the better part of a year, is going away.

They made the announcement yesterday at the office. It was a bad day.

I know I chose to leave the magazine a little over a month ago, but it was not because I didn’t love the publication. As wonderful as my new job is, and as much as I love the new magazine I’m a part of, there’s a part of my creative heart that will always be with Simple.

I know that change is inevitable. I know that times are tough. I know that no good thing can last forever. What I don’t know is how to connect that knowledge in my brain with the feelings in my heart. I’ve tried chocolate. I’ve tried pep talks. I’ve tried watching silly TV shows. It’s not working. I’m still sad. I’m sure time will help, but…for now…I’m going to be sad.

I {heart} you, Simple! Thanks for helping me grow, both professionally and personally. You will be deeply missed!

Here are some picturse of my good times with Simple. It was more than a magazine; it was a happy family!


Unused Account said...

I've been crying off and on for three days now.

I was just so close to having a dream come true.

Unknown said...

Oh NO, what horrible news!!

Unknown said...

I was really bummed to hear about it too.

I just know good things will come around for everyone involved with that publication. Such talented people over there.

I was on the Paperkuts design team when it went down. I totally get the sadness.

It gets better. :)

Anonymous said...

I blogged for all of you simple girls today...My heart is so sad for you....

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your pals, Megan!
Hugs to you, friend! ---teri

Unknown said...

It is a loss that we mourn with you.