Sunday, August 31, 2008

What Now?

So many hours spent searching for that perfect dress – the one that made me feel and look like a million bucks – and worth every minute of the glorious search (even if I was sick as a dog with mono at the time). I’m talking about my wedding gown, or as I like to call it, my Jackie O. beauty!

Oh, how I LOVE this dress. You remember that episode of Friends where they sit around the apartment in their dresses? I can SO relate. There’s just something about strutting your stuff in a 500 lb. garment that makes the world a happier place.

Sadly, my day in the gown has come and gone…nearly three years ago, which leads me to my reason for this post.

What do I do with the dress now?

At this moment, it’s hanging in a garment bag upstairs, the same bag it’s been since my wedding night. Yes, I haven’t even had it cleaned yet. Isn’t that awful? Is it too late for it to be cleaned? And what am I supposed to do with it afterwards?

Preservation? I’ve heard scary things about this. It can turn the dress yellow. Or, worse yet, they steal your dress and send you home with a 500-pound box of fluff that you think is your dress. What?! I’m a gambling woman, but even I can't take that bet.

Donation? Ooohhh…I know this is a noble thing to do, but I don’t think I can stand to part with my glorious friend. All of that bead work. And the satin bow. Hell’s bells! It has a satin bow. How can I even think of giving that up?

Help! I need a solution. Something that will keep my dress safe and gorgeous for years to come. Any ideas? Ladies, what have you done with your gowns? UT ladies, do you know of a good place to get wedding dresses cleaned? I’m not going just anywhere.

OK, you get the point. I’m a little beyond obsessed with my wedding dress and need help knowing what to do with it. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Isn't it cute how the dress poofs when I sit in it? It's like sitting in a marshmallow!

My dress and I made our shared debut on Sunday, Oct. 9, 2005 at the Bellagio in Vegas. We walked down the aisle to "She" by Elvis Costello. So wonderful!


Robert said...

The place I sent Freya's dress was pretty good. They got out most of the stains and the dress hasn't looked whiter. I will look for their information and pass it on. I think I did it for less than $300 or so, but it was a while ago, so I can't remember.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely keep it...after all, it is so beautiful that you may have a little girl someday that wants to wear it on HER wedding day. I don't know about the preservation thing..just be sure to open up the box after you get it back and make sure it's your dress... Scary stuff...people are so shady!! :)

Megan said...

Thanks, Bobby. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated.

Good advice from you, Laura. Though I've heard that if you open the 500-pound box you destroy the preservation. Pretty tricky, eh? Shady, indeed!

Emily Call said...

ha ha... I haven't cleaned my dress either and it has been 7 years since my wedding. I was too scared to take it anywhere too. Let us know if you find a good place.

Sharyn said...

oooh, that's a tough one. GORGEOUS dress. I went completely practical and borrowed my dress - the same one my God mother had made for my cousin the year before. no regrets - loved that dress.


But what to do with a dress. A few thoughts come to mind.

1. If kids are in your future, it really does look like a dress that a daughter would be tickled to wear 25 years from now. It's classicly elegant. A treasure. That says keep it.

2. Or (and don't gasp) have it remade into a baptismal gown, if you do that sort of thing - that way you get to still have the dress and it gets more mileage in your own home.

3. Donate it, it really would be noble - and I imagine it would be worthy of a kick-butt tax write off, in a noble sort of way

Anonymous said...

Megan, have you heard of "Trash the Dress"? Brides basically don their dresses again for the soul purpose of destoying them. Hear me out... The photographer puts them in extreme backdrops like the water, snow, etc. and then captures that moment. It's pretty cool. Here's a web site that shows some amazing pictures of a bride and groom on the beach.

Alice said... got married on my birthday - how fun! That dress is beautiful...I would spend the $$ to have it preserved...mine is in my attic...guessing that none of my boys will want to wear it...maybe a granddaughter someday??