Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stuff Week, Day 5: Hey, how about a card (& a giveaway)?

Okay, so technically it’s day six, but who’s counting? I hate to do this to you, but I’m going to share a recycled project—one that I’ve already featured on the Creating Keepsakes blog.

What’s the deal? Well, I used one of the happiest stamp sets around to make this card and My Cute Stamps has agreed to give a set away. So, this means a repeat (if you read the CK blog, that is).

This silly card was designed for my awesome card group. We were asked to make "humorous birthday cards," which is more difficult than it may sound. I hope this mades you chuckle.

The design was inspired by this video…

Which was inspired by old videos like this...

A Bit o' Blog Candy Happiness

Do you want to be entered to win this way dang cute stamp set? In the spirit of laughing, let's share jokes. Simply leave me a comment with your favorite joke between now and next Friday, Sept. 25, and I’ll randomly select my lucky (and funny) winner. I can't wait to laugh! :)

Thanks, My Cute Stamps, for providing this giveaway!

One More Stuff Post to Go
BTW, I promise that I make more than cards. I meeting a dear friend today, in fact, to work on a super fun jewelry project. I will share details of that here soon with a big Stuff Week grand finale. Thanks for peeking at my stuff! That's what she said. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist.) ;)


Amy said...

one of my favorites:
There are two penguins in the bathtub, one looks at the other and says "will you pass the bar of soap?" and the penguin says, "What do I look like, a type writer?"

I know, it makes no sense but I think that's why it makes me laugh. My little sister told it to us and it's sort of become a family joke now! :)

joscelyne cutchens said...

That stamp set and card are so cute!

But, did you hear about the farmer's wife that left him? Yeah, she left him a john deere letter.

Hee, I know silly, right?

michelle said...

Super cute - thanks for sharing! This is our family favorite joke...

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Dwain who?
Dwain the bathtub I'm drowning!

You should see my 4 yr old son roll on the floor laughing whenever he tells it!

Emily Pitts said...

want to hear a construction joke? sorry, i'm still working on it. bah dumb bum!

i really think that stamp set is super cute. really. and your card is rather funny. i think it would be hard to make a funny card to. i'm impressed.

Nicole said...

love this card, its so cute. That stamp set is too cute. I dont know any jokes, but I'll try and come back later with one

ronee said...

I have a fun joke my daughter told me..

Two muffins were in an oven.
One muffin says...AHHH..we are in the oven....
The other muffin turns and looks at him are a talking muffin!
sorry..lame i know..but my girls giggle EVERYTIME!

Deanne said...

wow how cute are those stamps...I am not that funny so I could really use these to help me out :)

Alicia said...

Two peanuts walk into a bar.
One was a salted.

Always gets me. :)

*reyanna klein* said...

Ohmigoodness... too funny! My favorite joke is MUCH too long to post on a blog. LOL. It's one of those story jokes. You know those? It's funny. And kinda... umm... crazy. And some may find it inappropriate. Well, it *does* have a word in it that some may find... inappropriate. Then again, an anatomy teacher would not... tee hee.

Hubby's favorite joke?!

What happens when you fart in church?

You sit in your own pew!

Yeah, he laughs EVERY time. And then I laugh at him for being such a nerd. And then I smile because that's why I married him. :)

Latisha said...

Here is a joke my son told me

Why did the cookie go to the Hospital?

...because he felt crummy

ready for another one lol

What is a computers favorite dance?

ok last one lol (sorry I have kids and i hear these all the time)

What do you call a cow with 2 legs?
...Lean Beef

What do you call a cow with no legs?
...Ground Beef

OK I will stop now
those stamps are super cute!!

Laura Stoller said...

I am not very good at jokes...but here's one.

What do you call stolen cheese?

Nacho Cheese.


Antoinette said...

Oooh, I've just discovered your blog, and can't wait to explore some more!

As for a joke, ummm, the only one that comes to mind is this:

-Why in France do they eat only one egg for breakfast?
-because in France 'one egg' is un oeuf (enough)


Have had fun reading those other jokes :)

Qntoinette said...

oops, that should read
'Because in FRENCH 'one egg' is 'un oeuf'


Frozenstamper said...

abbreviated version - Painter painting a church thinned out the paint to save $, it started to rain and the preacher comes by and says, "repaint, repaint and thin no more!"

Very cute little give a way! Fun to find your blogsite,

Katie said...

I've been wanting that stamp set for ages - thanks for the chance to win!

My fave-
Why does Snoop-Dog carry an umbrella?
Fo' drizzle.

Haha! My husband doesn't get it but I think it's hilarious!

Just Us said...

I work at an elementary school so I hear funny things all of the time, but this story seriously makes me giggle. Thanks for the opportunity...heart these stamps so much, oh the possibilities!!
A mother was preparing dinner one evening because the families preacher was coming over for dinner. She asked her 4 year old daughter to help her out by going and getting Mommy's special napkins. Moments later the doorbell rang and the Mom went to get it. Upon returning to the dining room with the preacher she found that her daughter had placed panty-liners around each place setting. Mortified she pulled them off and pulled her daughter aside to ask why she had put those out. Her daughter then said, "you said they were your napkins that you only use for special things!"
hehehe-can you only imagine, it kills me jut thinking about it. Gotta love kids!!

cards4ever said...

A funny joke that makes me laugh is
A lady brings her sick cat into the vet in the doctor comes in looks at it and says there is nothing he can do for it. The lady did not want give up that easy so asked him to do some tests on her cat, so the doctor agrees. He leaves the room and comes back with a cat and a dog and says there is nothing he can do for her cat. The lady says that you have not did any tests yet and the doctor replied "i JUST DID A CAT SCAN AND DID LAB WORK".

Erica Hettwer said...

What did the zero say to the eight?

Nice belt.