Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Posie Project (advice appreciated!)

One of my favorite parts of buying a special handmade treat is they way it's often packaged--soaked in some serious TLC. 

So, with this TLC appeal in mind, I wanted to try a new form of thank-you tag for my posie orders. 

Here's what I came up with. A pleated ruffle sewn using matching fabric. (Sorry it doesn't show so well here.)

I'd love your feedback. If it were you receiving such a surprise, would you rather it be something you could use, like the "baby" gift tags I include with my onesie orders?

Or would you prefer the tag offer a message of thanks for your order? 

I have quite a crush on handwritten notes, so I think I'd prefer a message. But I also realize people like finding value in their purchases, which makes me think they'd prefer a blank, pretty tag. 

I'd love your thoughts on the subject if you have a min. Thanks, in advance, for any guidance you can offer. This handmade-business bidnaz is tough, to say the least, and I hope to eventually find that secret sauce. With your help, I'm confident I can do it! 



Mandi said...

When I sold my pet items I always did a sweet little card that had my dog's pic. I wrote a thank you on it and my info. With my other I did a little bookmark with my info.

Ruth G said...

I love the idea of something that is useful! You might be able to add a post-it with your thanks written on it (something I've seen others do) and that will allow the receiver to know they are appreciated and have something special they can use! Best of luck! The bracelets are cute!!!

robinann17 said...

I love to see how the items I order are packaged and I especially like it when I receive a thank you of some kind. I agree with the previous comment that perhaps a post-it attached to a tag that can be used is a simple solution and one that I know I would really appreciate! Who doesn't like to get a little something extra? Love the items you show in the post. Wish I had a baby to purchase the #'s for - they are so sweet! Love the flower bracelet too!

robinann17 said...

Where can I find your items for sale? I looked on Etsy, but couldn't find your shop.

jengd said...

I like the personalized thank you but I also love the idea of something that's theme-related to the item ordered. The attached post-it Ruth mentioned would be a great way to balance that. Adorable stuff btw!

BethW said...

I'm very fond of packaging that is useful. Ditto "where is your shop"?