Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Quick Easter Basket Ideas

Need a quick Easter idea. I have two Target finds I just couldn't resist sharing.

1. Target has washi tape (Japanese masking tape)!

And it's only $4 for a set of four. That's $1 per roll! Fantastic. You can find it in the stationery section of the store.
A great big thanks goes out to my CKC students for sharing this tidbit with my while in Louisville last weekend.

2. Target has SMASH books and they're on sale this week!

After teaching rooms full of people all about SMASH Books by K&Company in our CKC No Rules Scrapbooking class (so fun!), I couldn't resist getting my own. This one was only $12, and I've already smashed a few tidbits inside.

I think either of these happy, creative items would make excellent Easter gifts. Or, simply treat yourself to a little something fun. :)



Cynthia B. said...

Thanks for the heads up! I need to make a Target run, so now I know I'll be headed to the stationery aisle too. :)

Christine said...

WOW... I am heading to Target after work. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job teaching this past weekend. It was a pleasure meeting you again. (2 CKC now.and counting) Angel (the preschool teacher) :)

reen said...

Megan, it was such a fun class. Glad you found some tape!