Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Day o' the O

Give me a D'oh!
Give me NUT!

What does that spell? Doughnut!

Just a little cheer in honor of today being Nat’l Doughnut Day! I L-O-V-E doughnuts and am all about celebrating with a Harmon’s maple bar drizzled with chocolate icing. Yum!

Before I make my Harmon’s run, I’ll leave you with a few tasty delights!

This is a felt doughnut that I’m definitely going to make for myself one of these days. You can find a tutorial for it here.

If yarn is more your thing, you can knit yourself a doughnut delight. Click here for more.

People are gonna want to nibble my lobes with these yums dangling. See more from the creator of these here.

From head to toe, you can dress in doughnut style. More on these shoes here.

One day I’ll dine here. (Yes, I said “dine.”)

Image credit

The Travel Channel introduced me to Voodoo Doughnut, a place a must visit. You can actually buy Cap’n Crunch covered doughnuts there, among other unusual, delicious treats!

Poor little doughnut. Shirt details here.

Happy Nat’l Doughnut Day! Go out and grab yourself a deep-friend delight to celebrate!



Mz Lily said...

Yummy donuts...should have gotten one this morning before work but didn't. :( I'm following you so hope you don't mind but starting into scrapbooking because I have all these pictures and need to do something about it. It's getting costly so please give me any advice as I'm a newbie. I just purchase me the cricut bug to start so hopefully I can be half as creative as you. :)

bcre8uv said...

I'm always up for an excuse to eat a doughnut :)


rae said...

feeling the need for some krispy kremes!

Nicole said...

lol, cute blog. I luv the felt doughnut.

Alyssa said...

Megan, hope you treated yourself to a maple cream donut. Remember those? Nice to see you online.


Anonymous said...

Megan! I LOVE Voodoo! I always take visitors there. Seriously, man, if you ever under up here, let me know. I would be more than happy to Voodoo you. :) ---teri

Queen of Paper said...

lol without looking at the details I know that shirt is from WOOT!
Which means you must know about the bags of crap. lol Jason (hubby) bought one once and when it came... we won a printer! CRAZY RIGHT?! I love Woot off's!

Great post and now I want a Donut :)